Hi, my name is Bryan Larson and I'm a UX designer and strategic consultant operating in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. I consider myself a visual problem solver; I oppose unnecessary complexity and have little interest in submitting complaints without proposing solutions. I like to build companies that make the competition scramble, and tend to admire entrepreneurs, mentors and risk-takers.  

I've logged thousands of hours perfecting my skills as a designer, only to find that the most valuable traits in the industry are the ones that can't be taught: creativity, logic and empathy. My current areas of study are fusing qualitative and quantitative user research, optimizing UI design procedures, and evaluating corporate communication practices.

I'm always open to networking with talented people, and believe that respectful collaboration is the foundation for all human progress. You may wish to contact me if you have an intriguing new project, a mind-blowing idea or simply a taste for good coffee.